Jul 13

What NOT to include in your Summer Camp Care Package

Few things tug at a parentsPressurized containers are the wrong thing to ship in a care package heart like having a kid away at camp, so The Shipping Depot sends lots of cute “care packages” for our customers all over the West. Of course they always include something home made, favorite treats, and forgotten necessities, but there are plenty of shipping surprises we have to look out for, such as:

Cheese Whiz, Silly String, and other items using compressed gas propellant–these are explosive.

Nail polish, perfume or cologne, hand sanitizer, and similar compounds containing high amounts of alcohol, which is flammable.

It’s surprising what’s considered by the US Dept. of Transportation as a Hazardous Material, isn’t it? There’s a right way to ship these, but NOT in a care package to a kid. Of course most of us know that stove fuel and fireworks are EXPLOSIVE, but perhaps think that “only a little bit” won’t do any harm. If you get caught, Haz Mats can sure harm your wallet, with fines starting at $10,000!

So take care with your care packages, and help The Shipping Depot keep our transportation system safe for everyone.