Sep 15

The Art of Ebay

sell collector antiques on ebay at shipping depot

Sold on eBay

There’s an art to selling on eBay, and after over 1500 satisfied sales, our eBay brokerage knows how to do it right. This wasn’t any ordinary black velvet art, but a collection of originals by a Tahitian vagabond of the 30’s named Leetig, which were inherited by a Bitterroot couple from their uncle, who was an officer on a S. Pacific cruise line. Instead of selling for a few dollars at a garage sale and ending up in someone’s “tiki bar”, we listed them on eBay for them–each sold for over $1,000, and we packed and shipped them all to the winning bidder . . . back in Tahiti! Ebay at The Shipping Depot: we do the work, you get the money.

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