Nov 21

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall–ship it safe!

samsung note 7 recall shippingGalaxy Note 7 Recall: How to return your phone? This phone has been on the FAA’s galaxy note 7 in flames lab test“no fly” list since Sept. Passengers who try to carry them onto flights or in checked baggage face fines up to $180,000–this is serious, folks. Even if you earlier received a replacement, all these phones are considered dangerous and cannot travel by air. The cell carrier or vendor which sold the phone is responsible for the return to Samsung. FedEx is not accepting ANY of these phones at retail. UPS is returning some by their ground service, although please note that The Shipping Depot will not ship a Note 7 by any carrier. Special packaging, highly secure and with a ceramic liner, must be used. It is labeled DOT-SP 16011. Cell phone retailers can return their unopened, unused 7’s via UPS ground if they are in special packaging labeled DOT-SP 20325.