Dec 12

Holiday Shipping Savings Tip: Avoid “Dimensional Weight”

Holiday Shipping Savings Dimensional WeightTips for Shipping Savings: #1, Avoid “Dimensional Weight”. All the carriers have figured out that when they take a big box that’s lightweight they lose $$ compared to the volume that box takes up in their truck. Their answer was to charge by volume IF that volume exceeds actual weight. This means shipping a large stuffed animal that may only weigh a few pounds, would have a cost to ship as if it weighed 35 or 40 lbs. Factor that by a destination on the E. Coast, and you’re looking at some pretty expensive shipping. This doesn’t mean you should only send gift cards (they got problems too), but to certainly consider the cost-to-value ratio. We ship lots of high-value art, which because of all the packaging to protect it has a “heavy” dimensional weight, but certainly in that case it’s worth it.