May 17

All Shredders Are Not Equal!

Security shredding document levels

Our high-speed, high-security shredder saves you time and gives maximum protection from I.D. theft!

How secure is your home shredder? There are 4 levels of security shredding: most basic is strip-cut, like many “trash can top” shredders. These shreds can actually be reassembled into the original documents. Next is cross-cut. Same deal: get your magnifying glass and tape, and reassemble. Better is micro-cut, like our on-site shredder for witnessed shredding, suitable for highly-confidential business records. The ultimate, known as P7, is 5 times smaller than micro-cut, practically pulp, for “top secret” stuff, which is served by our Iron Mountain Security service. Don’t discard your old tax documents, DESTROY THEM at The Shipping Depot.