Dec 06

Whaddya Mean Only 12 Shipping Days Until Christmas

December shipping delays 2017Twelve Shipping days, that is. This is the first time Christmas day has fallen on a Monday since 2006. That’s over a decade, and as Dave Shappee, co-founder of The Shipping Depot points out, “There’s a whole generation of folks who have never shipped their holiday presents during a calendar like this one—they’re used to ‘2 day shipping’ everywhere in America, but guess what? That never includes holidays like Monday Christmas Day, or Sunday, and UPS and FedEx charge extra for Saturday delivery, and by then the USPS is going to be so backed up we can only say, ‘the Grinch stole your Christmas.”


UPS advised on Tuesday that some deliveries were already being delayed by a surge in December online shopping. The US Postal Service expects to deliver more than 15 BILLION pieces of mail this holiday season, a 10% increase from last year, predicting over 200 million packages a week December 11th and 18th. “Oops, I was mistaken,” Shappee adds, “If you can afford overnight air prices, USPS Express Mail will be delivering in most major markets on Sunday Christmas Eve, and even Christmas Day. Like I’ve said for years, it’s never too late—just too expensive.”