Bike Pack


We pack and ship bikes of all kinds.

Shipping Depot ships motorcycles, boats, and cars

Sure, we ship motorcycles!

We ship motorcycles, cars, buses, RVs and more.

From children’s tricycles to Honda Motorcycles, we pack and ship them all.  Guaranteed safe!

We pack and ship mountain bikes, road bikes, racing bikes, and more.  

We specialize in packing and shipping your mountain, road, or racing bike.  Our expert staff can disassemble and pack your bike to save you money on shipping costs.

 About shipping your bike

Shipping a bike is expensive.  Bikes ship according to dimensional weight and the zone you ship to.  One way The Shipping Depot can help is by disassembling your bike to keep it under Oversize 3 (OS3) size limit.   By removing the handlebars, pedals, seat, and front tire, we are then able to fit your bike into a bike box, or similar corrugated container, and save you $50-$100 immediately on the shipping price of your bike.