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Aug 28

How to Pack a Laptop Computer

Back to College? Then you might need to know how to pack and ship your laptop computer. The Shipping Depot recommends double boxing with 2″ of padding such as plastic peanuts (note “clothing” or “towels” aren’t considered padding by any carrier). We prefer to use the special laptop box ($20.99) we stock that conforms to …

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Jul 07

Summer Camp Care Packages: What NOT to Include!

Few things tug at a parents heart like having a kid away at camp, so The Shipping Depot sends lots of cute “care packages” for our customers all over the West. Of course they always include something home made, favorite treats, and forgotten necessities, but there are plenty of shipping surprises we have to look …

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Jun 01

Get a Passport: Montana vs. Federal “Real ID” Act

In case you missed the news, effective Jan. 30, 2017 our Mt. drivers license was no longer valid ID for federal purposes–that means no access to military bases, federal court, etc. This is the result of Montana’s non-compliance with the Real I.D. Act of 2005. Montana has received annual extensions of the deadline for compliance, …

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Dec 12

Holiday Shipping Savings Tip: Avoid “Dimensional Weight”

Holiday Shipping Savings Dimensional Weight

Tips for Shipping Savings: #1, Avoid “Dimensional Weight”. All the carriers have figured out that when they take a big box that’s lightweight they lose $$ compared to the volume that box takes up in their truck. Their answer was to charge by volume IF that volume exceeds actual weight. This means shipping a large …

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Dec 12

Save on Holiday Shipping: Dimensional Weight Explained

Sometimes a shipment’s “Dimensional Weight” is an expensive surprise for customers. Here’s an explanation The Shipping Depot came up with! The key point is “size matters,” and we’ll help you get it right.

Dec 09

A December look at the FedEx World Hub, Memphis

fedex shipping depot december

Here’s a neat look at FedEx’s Memphis World Hub at December peak, their “Superbowl” as they put it, as seen on Nightly Business Report 12/9/16.… We’ve toured this facility twice, and it really is as amazing as it looks. Pay particular attention to the sliding ramps–we once saw the whole thing jam up with …

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How to Ship a Christmas Tree

Christmas tree permits are only $5, available at our National Forest offices-wouldn’t some Montanan you know just love a fresh-cut tree, shipped right to their door? A 6 ft. Douglas Fir folds smoothly into one of The Shipping Depot’s “ski boxes,” and even with the cost of the box ($17.59) and shipping, will still be way less than what they’re selling for in the city. Plus it will be from YOU (and The Shipping Depot–we make Christmas easy)!


Nov 21

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall–ship it safe!

samsung note 7 recall shipping

Galaxy Note 7 Recall: How to return your phone? This phone has been on the FAA’s “no fly” list since Sept. Passengers who try to carry them onto flights or in checked baggage face fines up to $180,000–this is serious, folks. Even if you earlier received a replacement, all these phones are considered dangerous and …

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Oct 22

Missoula County Absentee Ballot 2016: 2 Stamps Needed!

Missoula absentee ballot postage stamps

TWO STAMPS on your 2016 absentee ballot folks–we’re catching a few of these our customers are depositing at The Shipping Depot without sufficient postage. It’s a big ballot this year, in an oversize envelope (more about that later), and requires additional postage.

Sep 15

The Art of Ebay

sell collector antiques on ebay at shipping depot

There’s an art to selling on eBay, and after over 1500 satisfied sales, our eBay brokerage knows how to do it right. This wasn’t any ordinary black velvet art, but a collection of originals by a Tahitian vagabond of the 30’s named Leetig, which were inherited by a Bitterroot couple from their uncle, who was …

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