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Sep 15

The Art of Ebay

sell collector antiques on ebay at shipping depot

There’s an art to selling on eBay, and after over 1500 satisfied sales, our eBay brokerage knows how to do it right. This wasn’t any ordinary black velvet art, but a collection of originals by a Tahitian vagabond of the 30’s named Leetig, which were inherited by a Bitterroot couple from their uncle, who was …

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Jul 13

What NOT to include in your Summer Camp Care Package

Few things tug at a parents heart like having a kid away at camp, so The Shipping Depot sends lots of cute “care packages” for our customers all over the West. Of course they always include something home made, favorite treats, and forgotten necessities, but there are plenty of shipping surprises we have to look …

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Jun 29

Fireworks are Hazardous Materials

Fireworks Accidents

Here’s some interesting research from the American Pyrotechnics Association about fireworks injuries. In most cases, these are SELF INFLICTED. Fireworks can ruin your life in other ways, too–just try shipping them without the proper permits. The DOT and FAA fines can be as high as $500,000, plus 10 YRS. IN PRISON. What may seem safe …

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Jun 24

Get Rid of the Shipping “Blues”

Don’t let a shipping challenge give you “the blues”! In this case, it was a classic Hammond B3 organ, like the one used by blues musicians such as Jimmy Smith and Barry Goldberg. Now for the kicker: it was going all the way to Germany! The old vacuum tubes and bellows used in these vintage …

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Jun 17

A Shipment Going to the Dogs?

Huge Trophy Retrievers Cup shipment

This shipment is going to the dogs–specifically, some handsome Labrador who won the National Retriever Field Trials Championship. The cup and trophy is massive, nearly as big as the Stanley Cup. The kennelmaster was passing through with a truck full of barking dogs and needed more room, so we were happy to oblige.

Jun 15

Shipping a Jukebox is Music to our Ears

ship a jukebox high value

A fragile, high value shipment is “music to our ears.” In this case, 50’s Rock & Roll, an original “Happy Days” jukebox family heirloom headed back to New Jersey. In this case we merely had to remove some glass and secure the turntable carriage, then ship it by padded van line. For electronics like this, …

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May 10

New: Better Textbook Buyback at The Shipping Depot!

Our new wholesaler pays more for your textbooks (more titles, too), 10-20% more cash today, no quotas, no lines, no hassle. Last year we paid $50 for “Anthropology,” this year $65; last year $50 for “Physics,” this year $60; last year $33 for “Java,” this year $47. Come see us, across the footbridge by Albertsons, …

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Apr 09

Zombie Mail–the Dead Letter Office

Thank heaven for zip codes: the Dead Letter Office (where U.S. mail went to die). In the late 19th and early 20th century, postal clerks in Washington, D.C. sorted through as many as 30,000 letters and packages a day that were pronounced “dead”, separating the truly lifeless from the merely ill. Clerks worked to decipher …

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Apr 01

Yesterday Delivery: an Incredible Breakthrough in Shipping!

Fast shipping time machine

The Shipping Depot announces an incredible breakthrough in shipping: Yesterday Delivery! “We’ve discovered a uniquely Montana solution to the challenge of immediate gratification,” says Shipping Depot co-founder and Head Packer Dave Shappee. “By simply routing any shipment up the Bitterroot we can actually step back in time and deliver it yesterday.” There’s an additional charge …

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Mar 31

First Postal Rate DECREASE In Almost 100 Years

USPS postal rate decrease april 10

The first POSTAL RATE DECREASE in almost one hundred years will occur on April 10, including “Forever” stamps going from 49 cents back to 47 cents. Due to the expiration of the “revenue shortfall” increase 2014 , the cost of a first-class stamp will fall from 49 cents to 47 cents on April 10. “While …

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