Employment Opportunities

A Job At The Shipping Depot Means…Shipping Depot employees are happy

  • Training
    Our Associates have to know a lot, because a lot depends on what they know. We train constantly. New hires are started with an organized training program, tested for competency before they “solo”, and given a teammate Mentor to make sure they succeed in our environment.
  • Variety
    We do a lot of different things at The Shipping Depot–fax important documents, help stressed-out customers, meet deadlines, make crates and pack heavy machinery, receive and sort mail, make copies, take passport photos, and more–so you’re never bored.
  • Responsibility
    The things we do are important to people. Mail is highly confidential. Our shipping is frequently time-critical–if it’s not there tomorrow or on time, there could be serious consequences. Integrity, honesty, conscientiousness, and doing what we say we’re going to do are vital to the success of The Shipping Depot, and is valued in our Associates.
  • Quality Team Environment
    Shipping Depot teamwork employees

    Teambuilding on the Clark Fork River

    Associates at The Shipping Depot pride themselves in the quality of their work and their loyalty to each other. This results in an average length of employment of over 5 years.

  • Challenge
    We solve customer’s shipping problems by providing the most complete selection of carriers in Montana. It’s a complex process that involves both computer work and strenuous physical labor. We also provide a multiplicity of personal business services, ranging from custom mail processing to art print design and production.
  • Flexible Scheduling
    We’re open long hours 6 days a week, and Sundays during the Christmas season, so we provide tremendous scheduling opportunities for students. Earn your way on to our team, and we’ll find a way for you to fulfill your scholastic and personal needs as well as work for us.
  • Competitive Pay
    Associates earn an immediate raise after completing their training, testing, and a 90 day probation period. Because of the challenges of working at The Shipping Depot and the quality of our Associates, we’ve found that paying higher than average retail wage in Missoula saves us money in the long run.

What Employees Say:

employee satisfaction high at The shipping depot

No bull, this is a great place to work!

“I started as a Seasonal Helper, and now I run the place!” Doug Ferguson, General Manager, UM 1992

“My job at The Shipping Depot blends perfectly with my career as a Wildlife Biologist. I spend Summers in the woods and Winters at The Shipping Depot.” Lynette Noble, UM 2002

“I went from Bookkeeping Intern to being the staff Accountant, which was the perfect step to my career as a hospital Chief Financial Officer.” Jorge Latibeaudiere, UM BS/MA 1998

“This was a great part-time job when I was a student, and now it’s even better that I’m full-time and the I.T. Specialist at The Shipping Depot.” Travis Sienknicht, UM 2003

Current Openings, please apply in person at either location:

Retail Service Teammate: Duties include advising customers re: shipping carrier selection; postal services; planning and performing custom packaging for a variety of goods such as art, antiques, machinery, furniture, electronics, etc.; color and b&w copies; large format art and photo print production & design, fax; passport photos; public mailbox service; Mrauctioneasy eBay service; packaging material and retail products sales; cashiering & cash control; other services as needed. Full or Part time, Sats. required.

eBay Brokerage Manager: In conjunction with other duties above our eBay Manager counsels customers, designs listings, monitors payment, and follows-up on sales of “Mrauctioneasy,” our eBay Power Seller service. Base pay plus bonus on sales and customer satisfaction.

Print Services Manager: In conjunction with other duties above (if you haven’t noticed, we all pitch in with every aspect of The Shipping Depot), our Print Services Manager is lead sales person and chief of design for everything from business cards to gallery quality large format canvas prints. Base pay plus bonus on sales and customer satisfaction.

Please apply IN PERSON at either Shipping Depot location. Thank you for your interest in The Shipping Depot, we hope you bring value to our company and support to your teammates.