Favorite Fair Food Poll: Shipping Depot Awards $600 to Local Non-Profits

Favorite Fair Food Donation

What’s Your Favorite Fair Food?

Your Favorite Fair Food 2017 is . . . drum roll . . . may I have the envelope please . . . Mountain Fresh Italian Ice! Their award of $250 will aid their support of the Lamotte School Foundation. 2nd place award ($150) was earned by Hellgate Band Parents. 3rd place and $100 goes to Missoula Taekwondo Booster Club Korean Tacos, which they have compassionately donated to 4-H to help rebuild their burned-out cafe building. The Shipping Depot will match that with another $100 to 4-H, bringing the total awards to $600. Thanks to all the participating non-profits, and their volunteer workers, for another tasty Favorite Fair Food contest!



Moving Boxes Cheap

Mover’s Tip #1 –Don’t Dumpster Dive–Get one of our Mover’s Kits

Quit dumpster diving and get one of our “Mover’s Kits,” a dozen mixed-size recycled boxes for only $19.95, at The Shipping Depot, on S. Reserve by Rosauers, or E. Broadway by Albertsons.



Mover’s Tip #2–Your Auto Insurance Doesn’t Cover Your Personal Property in Your Car

Shipping instead of moving

Most auto insurance doesn’t cover, or severely limits, the coverage on your personal property while it’s in–or on–your vehicle. UPS and FedEx, on the other hand, will insure your packages for values up to $50,000 (replacement or repair). so don’t move it, ship it, at The Shipping Depot.



LTL Moving mover's truck movingToo Much Stuff? Try Our Interstate Truck Service

Mover’s Tip #3: Too much stuff for your car or truck, but not enough for a Moving Van? We will pick up, pack, and palletize your household and ship it anywhere, usually for less than you’d expect. Call us for a free estimate.