Save Time (and prevent I.D. theft)!

Security shredding document levelsOur high-speed, high-security shredder saves you time and gives maximum protection from I.D. theft!

How secure is your home shredder? There are 4 levels of security shredding: most basic is strip-cut, like many “trash can top” shredders. These shreds can actually be reassembled into the original documents. Next is cross-cut. Same deal: get your magnifying glass and tape, and reassemble. Better is micro-cut, like our on-site shredder for witnessed shredding, suitable for highly-confidential business records. The ultimate, known as P7, is 5 times smaller than micro-cut, practically pulp, for “top secret” stuff, which is served by our Iron Mountain Security service. Don’t discard your old tax documents, DESTROY THEM at The Shipping Depot.


A Little “Tax Break” For Our CustomersWhen are taxes due 2017

Here’s a little tax break–your return isn’t due until Tuesday April 18th! When the 15th falls on a holiday or weekend, the due date is always extended until the next Monday. But there’s also a special holiday for Wa. DC on that Monday, so here you go, another day to work on your return, not due until Tuesday the 18th. As our bonus, get FREE COPIES* of your federal 1040 and other tax documents at The Shipping Depot through Wed. April 19–and while you’re at it, take advantage of our high-security shredding machine and destroy the old ones for only $.99/lb. *Self-serve b&w

April is Passport MonthPassport portraits renewal photos

In case you missed the news, effective Jan. 30 our Mt. drivers license was no longer valid ID for federal purposes–that means no access to military bases, federal court, etc. This is the result of Montana’s non-compliance with the Real I.D. Act of 2005. Montana has received annual extensions of the deadline for compliance, but it looks like the feds are getting tired of it. On Jan. 30 of 2018 our drivers license won’t be valid to board an airplane, so you may as well start getting or renewing your passport soon. Instant passport portraits only $12.49 at The Shipping Depot, plus free passport applications.




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