Shipping Fragiles Needn’t Be Scary!

shipping depot ships fragile high value items guaranteed safe

We pack and ship most anything guaranteed safe and on time!The Shipping Depot in Missoula, MT specializes in packing and shipping large or odd shaped items.Picasso pottery pack

No one has more experience shipping art, antiques, electronics, furniture, and other fragile, high value items than The Shipping Depot. (And no one has more fun at Halloween!)
You know what’s REALLY scary? Rats in your mail: I.D. theft rats, package thieving rats, cookie stealing roommate rats, and other pests. Rent a mailbox at The Shipping Depot this month and get matching FREE RENT–rent for 3 months, get 3 more months FREE; rent for 6, get 6 more FREE, even a year gets another year bonus FREE. Not only is a private mailbox at The Shipping Depot guaranteed “rat free,” you get a real street address, not a “P.O. Box”; 24 hr. mail access; automatic email notification; custom forwarding worldwide, all for just pennies a day.
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