It’s called Lug-gage for a reason.

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Ship ahead and save the hassle.  The Shipping Depot has over 50 box sizes available for any size suitcase.  Avoid baggage claim delays, or lost luggage.  Ship your stuff ahead and make travel easy.





Private Mailbox Rental

20120320 130914 150x150 HomeDo you move too fast for your mail?  Let us be your address.  The Shipping Depot offers full service Private Mail Box Rental that specializes in getting your mail to you wherever you are.  Check out our Mailbox Rental page for more details.






 Digital Photo Kiosk



The Shipping Depot is proud to offer Missoula’s only self service digital photo kiosk that can print gallery quality full color prints of your pictures in multiple sizes up to 24 x 36 in preset selections or larger custom sizes on demand.  See our Super Print page for more information.




Spring Cleaning time?

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Make it easy with Mrauctioneasy.  The Shipping Depot’s eBay auction service allows you to bring us your un-needed items, let us do the work, and you get the cash.  We take the photos, do the research, write the listing, and arrange the shipping.  It’s that easy!  Call us today at 406-549-7400 to schedule an appointment.

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Go Green Missoula:

The Shipping Depot can recycle styrofoam packing peanuts!  Why take them to the landfill when you can bring them to us. See our recycling page for more places to reduce, reuse and recycle.loosefillpics001d copy 2 300x109 Home